Built-it, 1/4", solderles I/O jacks for minimal signal loss and an AC power plug-in right where you want it. Attach your pedals and power, plug your effects in once, and you are ready for countless trouble-free sessions and gigs. Bomber hardware and a lacquered finish complete what we believe is the finest pedal board on the market. "Wheelie" (roller-luggage option available).
Three-ply, carbonized bamboo is similar in thinkness to 9-ply birch, but is much tougher, has greater torsional stiffness, requires no exterior laminate, and is a beautiful, sustainable wood. Unlike many pedal boards that require an additional hard case adding many pounds to the rig, our bamboo box is the pedal board, saving you weight and time with our integral design. Meets most airline carry-on overhead luggage requirements.
Our hinged upper tier is aircraft grade, anodized aluminum with full loop pile. The angled shelf affords pedal access and control that is truly impressive and provides easy access to AC power underneath. Includes "Speed Slots" for superior cable management. Rocker pedal slot (left or right side) with a flat base comes standard.